We are in dire need of support at this junction.We welcome donations of any kind:food,clothing,basic provisions and financial support

About Us

PWC is a human rights and social welfare organisation focussing on the plight and wellbeing of refugees and locals in South Africa, especially women and children. We have carried out several activities within different sectors of society that continue to suffer. We are peace building activists. Our vision is to live in a world where all people regardless of their nationality, gender or status live in dignity and harmony.

Program for the Well-being of Children (PWC-Africa) was founded by Roberto Kabaka. Night after night Roberto walked home from his job, always noticing the groups of small children living alone on the street.They were so thin and their clothes were old and torn. He could see that there was no one to help them. Because of the AIDS crisis in Africa many children have lost their parents and are raising themselves. They have no one to help them. Roberto decided he had to do something so that they could feel at least loved and cared for.

He started PWC-Africa in 2005 with a group of five other friends and colleagues who also felt compassion for these children and wanted to help. A constitution was drafted.

We do support also other marginalised groups such as the disabled,orphan's and street kids through their basic needs.